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Last of the Mohicans

Title: Under Dark Skies

Ratings: PG-13 (M for later chapters)

Pairing: Uncas/Alice,

Warnings: Anxiety/PTSD symptoms, character death, violence, some adult concepts

Author's Notes:I've gotten a huge reaction (not always positive), even before I posted the first chapter, about doing this fic because of the modern setting. I, like many of you, struggle with modern day AUs, but for me it's because of the characters. If a modern day fic takes away or changes who the characters are I most likely won't continue reading, but with Last of the Mohicans I feel it can easily be done. Last of the Mohicans is a story about humans, a story that can be put in any period and still be understood and felt. I wanted to show that these characters are human, and despite the time differences, still very much relatable. There is, sadly, not one single element shown in the film(and book) that we do not still see in our society. However, I hope that I can keep true to the characters, and tell the story as it deserves. Thank you again for the support, and please let me know your thoughts!

Summary:In rural Montana a local man stumbles across people in need. He offers them a warm bed and a hearty breakfast, all for the sake of the pale haired girl who has caught his attention. His brother and father also offer their services, setting in motion events beyond their control. Modern day retelling of Last of the Mohicans with alterations. Uncas and Alice focused

Chapter OneCollapse )

Chapter TwoCollapse )

Chapter ThreeCollapse )

Chapter FourCollapse )

Dark Knight

Title: So, He climbs
Characters: Talia/Bane
Rating: R
Word count:398
Spoilers: Batman Nolan
Summary:He looks up and knows there’s only one way out, only one way to protect her, only one way for him to resist what she offers him. 

So, he climbsCollapse )

Game of Thrones

Title: Five Times
Ratings: R
Spoilers: None
Word Count:560
Pairing: Sandor/Sansa
Author's notes: Reviews are love! Beta: wildsky_sheri @ lj ! Thank you so much!
Summary: Five times Sandor made eye contact with Sansa. 

He nods, still staring, knowing he would live or die to see himself reflected in those eyes.Collapse )

Hunger Games

Title: Supposed Lives
Ratings: M (adult concepts, don't read if you are not of age)
Spoilers: The Hunger Games film/book.
Pairings: Clove/Cato
Warnings: adult themes, bad words, violence
Author's notes; I have so many fics for this pairing written but I'm not confident with them. This was written in an exhausted state so I hope it's alright. Reviews are love!
Summary: Clove wants to trust him; she wants someone who won’t hurt her. She wants to feel his powerful hands used for pleasure despite their capabilities for pain. But the moment eyes make connect the shame builds.

click for full fanficCollapse )

Last of the Mohicans

Title: Surrondings
Ratings: R
Spoilers: Movie
Pairing: Uncas/Alice
Summary: She rests her head on his dark chest, feeling his fast beating heart against her cheek.

“You will stay with me?” it’s a question.

Author's notes: The love scene in my own perspective, and how it connects to the cliff scene. 
Leaving him was never an optionCollapse )


Title: Changes
Ratings: R
Spoilers: None
Pairing: Peter/Susan
Warnings: implied incest, angst
Summary: Mr. Pevenise returns and discovers a change in his children.
ChangesCollapse )


 Title: His Queen
Ratings: PG
Pairing: Peter/Susan
Spoilers: none
Warnings: implied incest
Author's notes: I was inspired by a image devinecancerian created for my peter/susan tumbler account. (http://petersusan.tumblr.com/) 
I loved it so much and it completely inspired me!!! Thanks hun, beautiful work! I hope you enjoy this little drabble. 
Summary: Peter's thoughts on his gentle queen.

His QueenCollapse )


 Title: Letters to the Lost
Ratings: R
Spoilers: None
Pairing: Peter/Susan
Warnings: implied incest, angst
Summary: Susan writes what she cannot say.

Letters to the LostCollapse )


Title:Secret Ceremony
Ratings: R
Spoilers: none
Pairings:Peter Pevensie & Susan Pevensie
Warnings: Implied Incest, 
Summary:They have a secret ceremony that binds their loves and erases the shame.

Secret Ceremony Collapse )


 Title: Steaming cups
Ratings: R
Spoilers: none
Warnings: Implied Incest,
Pairing: Peter/Susan
Author's notes: Thought of this while making a cup of tea!
Summary: He has everything to say to her, but nothing that can be given voice too.

who they were, who they areCollapse ) 


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