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Title: Fight for Her  Chapter One Chapter Two
Rating: PG-13 & NC-17
Wordcount: 1, 632
Pairing: Peter/Susan
Disclaimer: I own nothing, just playing around
Warning:  ((language and some sexual content, incest,))
Author's Notes:
  This is my very first Peter/Susan multi-chapter fanfiction! Reviews are love and will mostly likely encourage the pace of this fanfiction. Please remember this fanfiction will have graphic language, graphic sexual acts, and is not for children. If you do not like Peter/Susan or incest offends you, please do not read this. Any and all flames will be deleted and ignored! I hope you enjoy, remember to comment and let me know what you think!!!
Summary: The Gentle Queen is taken, the Magnificent High King is the reason for it. Battles will be waged, blood shall be spilled, nothing will keep him from her.

This is going to start off like every other fanfiction ever written-Susan gets kidnapped and Peter becomes the knight in shining armor. But please bare with me for a few chapters until I can get to the good parts! I promise it won’t be like this the whole story!

Edmond said nothing while the medic stitched the still bleeding wound on his brother’s forehead. In fact it seemed the entire castle was silent. Lucy sat feet away on Susan’s bed, eyes dark and sad but fixed on her brother. Soldiers stood outside the Gentle queen’s door awaiting order.

But after the growled report that their queen had been taken, Peter had said nothing else. He sat in a silent rage, allowing the doctor to stitch him.

When the doctor tied the thread and stood, Edmond gave a grateful nod but showed him quickly to the door.

The moment the door slide closed and the siblings were alone, Lucy was on her feet.

“What happened Peter? Why did Prince Edmond take her?”

“He wants to marry her,” Peter responded, eyes filled with a dark barely controllable dark rage.

“Marry her?” Edmond repeated. “Why?”

“To become High King.” Peter glanced at his brother, “My guess is he’ll blackmail me to leave the throne, and then threaten to kill Susan to
get you two to relishes your rights.”

His harsh tone and brutal langue shocked the young queen, causing tears to swell in her eyes. Edmond slide over to her and wrapped an
arm around her shoulders.

“It’s Ok, Lu, we won’t that let happen.” Edmond promised, looking at his brother.

Peter sent his siblings a dark glare. “No, we won’t.”


When the war council was assembled mere hours later, Peter stared painfully at the empty chair that was placed next to his. Edmond sat to
his left, but Susan…Susan sat to his right, where that empty chair seemed to symbolize his aching heart.

“Sire,” A man started, drawing Peter’s attention from the chair.

Peter recognized the man has his chief advisor, he sat next to the empty chair and tried to focus on the rescue plans.

“Our research has shown that Prince Edward has closed his kingdom’s boarders. Further more he has gained support from his allies that
lay between our lands and his. A spy in the Prince’s kingdom has reported back that the Prince’s army has been drawn to protect the castle.” The man spoke with a fading tone.

Peter frowned, but said nothing, he tensed his arms that crossed over his chest.

Edmond was the one to voice the unspoken question. “What are you saying Lord Philip?”

Philip sat heavily back down in his chair. “Lords, it would be unwise to form any type of attack against this force.”

Murmurs of support leaked from the other members of council.

Edmond was on his feet. “What are you all saying? This bastard has kidnapped a Queen of Narnia….our sister!! And you want us to let him
have her?”

The members of the council looked away, “Lords,” Philip started again, “We do not have the numbers enough to take on the Prince Edward
and his Allies. If we choose-“

A slammed fist on the tabled startled everyone to silence. Peter stood, fist aching from the hard punch to the table. “We knew this could happen, Edward would hid behind those who have not celebrated our rule.”

Edmond fell back into his seat, “So what are we going to do Peter?”

Peter looked down at his brother, “We’re going to get her back, Ed, no matter what.”

Philip coughed slightly, “Lord,” he bowed his head toward Peter. “You have the right to command your armies to fight this battle.” He started carefully, “But this is not a decision this council will support.”

Peter looked at the men around the table, “If I go to war…many will die…I will not have men die for me. Nor shall I leave my Queen to this man.”

“Lord, if you order it we shall fight.” Philip repeated.

Peter looked at his council of men, all of whom were willing to fight and die for him. “I will not order any act of war.”

And with that simple statement, Peter walked calmly from room, ignoring all comments and calls.


When Edmond found him later it was in his bedroom.

Edmond didn’t bother to knock when he stormed into his elder brother’s bedroom.

“Peter!” He yelled.

Peter appeared from behind a screen, a small case in hand. “What?”

“What are we going to do? Why didn’t you order all our armies into battle? This is Susan we’re talking about? Our sister!”

“Edmond I need you to take care of Narnia while I’m away.” Peter said while cramming a shirt in the small bag.

“Wait…what?”Edmond asked.

Peter grabbed his sword and filled a water container to the brim. “I need you to take care of our people and watch over Lucy. She’s going to need you while we’re away.”

“Peter are you going to ask the Army to fight?” Edmond questioned.

Peter tossed the bag over his shoulder, only in that moment did Edmond realize that his brother was no longer wearing King clothing,
instead he was clothed in a generic white shirt and black pants.

“I’m not asking any army to fight.” Peter replied.

“Then what are you going to do?”

Peter gave a small smirk.

“I’m going to fight for her.”